The Mysterious Lady

Her presence in a tight, black number with heeled ankle boots yields a rare visual treat. Everyone was gobsmacked by her appearance. She looks smashing. All the other women were jealous. While she looks gorgeous in her dress they had to contend with wearing their old ball gowns. Even though the ball was organized ahead of schedule somehow she was the only one who managed to perfectly pull it off. Then she turned away but all the men present craned their neck to catch a glimpse of the beautiful stranger. Some got hit by their wife on the arm while some had their foot stomped on. That's what they got for paying the beauty too much attention right under the nose of their jealous partner.

Seeing the drama that is sure to unfold soon is hilarious. The females seemed to team up against the newcomer looking down their noses at her. But she kept her shoulders back and straighten herself while refusing to acknowledge their hostile demeanour. She came here for one reason and for one reason alone. To ward off unwanted attention she had dragged her handsome cousin, Jay, with her but she could see now even that failed to avoid a hostile reception from the other patrons.

Doubts quickly filled her fuzzy mind. To shore up other women's support of her purpose of being there she had to make clear her intention now.