Words on the LOOSE

The other day I wanted to put up a post about 
the words LOSE and LOOSE.

As I did my research though, my mind veered 
off on a tangent and produced a poem instead, 
if it could be called that. Pffttt!

Ah well, as part of wordplay I'd say it deserves 
to take up space here. Who knows, it might give 
me ideas for future blog posts.

Till then, enjoy reading, or not.

guess what I heard on the news
a guy drank too much booze
came in with no shoes
for the scheduled interviews
no one accepted his excuse
he had everything to lose

he let his tongue loose
lashing words in profuse
at a lady with a bruise
later leveled with an accuse
he is now held for abuse

a bystander who’s a recluse
eyes wide shut, she’s not obtuse
lying in wait, she stews
sure nice if there's some juice
her detective skill needs no introduce
proof of misdeed, she will produce