Take it slow

At the initial stage, you feel like holding back, right?

I understand because I experienced that too.

But we writers must realize that what other people think are not as important as what you yourself think of your craft. They may not think that you are good enough but the most important thing is you have faith in yourself.

Eventually, people will be able to see if you are actually good at what you do.  So, just continue at your own pace. Don't despair. Nobody is competing against you. Most times it is all in your head when in truth other people don't even care.

So just go with the flow but remember to do it at your own speed. Slow and steady. Take a step by step approach as long as it is manageable to you. There is no need to look over your shoulder every now and then just to make sure that you are always ahead.

Remember, nobody is chasing after you. It is all in your head. Relax, take a breather and do it slowly.

But always pick up and learn new things as you go along. Don't forget to apply whatever lesson you draw from your writing journey to help others and spread your message far and wide for the goodness of humanity.